i am sam

i am sam

I hear the music. The music of images.

Photography is in ones soul.  Well,  it’s in mine !  I am a South African chick that loves the work I do.
I gravitate to most things arty and creative.  Not like painting and knitting, but photography, design and writing.

I have the ability to turn a grumpy-sulky 2 year old  into a tummy-cackling-laughter child in minutes.
Sometimes that happens with adults too !

I love my photography to reflect what happens in normal life.  The good, the bad and the ugly.
In other words the most beautiful sunset to a child picking their noses to the squalor in a squatter camp.
That’s MY type of photography.  No pretence.  Just reality.

I am a (natural) red head. Does that explain why I have an opinion and voice it ?

I don’t like clichés.  I admire individuality.

I lead. I teach.  I share.  I laugh.
I am Sam. I am ME. I am.